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Meeting Jar Jars Father

2. Februar 2016

Hey guys, I’m gonna go english on this one, as I talked english half the evening. And actually it just sounds nice.
I visited the Literarischer Salon today, and got to meet Rick McCallum!
Tobias Kniebe was on the podium with him, handling the interview part of the evening. Which was quite funny, especially when they showed clips from films McCallum has worked on, and he was so shocked to see them in the very bad old-projector quality and partially in a very bad resolution too. He explained why they would put so much effort in getting stuff digital back then: Because you really don’t want to visit a regular theater, and see that all the weeks of grading, all the detail you put into every single frame, got lost into a dark mess of a movie because they just decided to let the projector bulb run low to save money. You can’t really do that with a digital projector, so the audience will get what you want them to see by now, and not just a poor copy of it.
After quite an interesting interview-part and a short break, the questions were opened for the audience. A woman in the front rows wanted to know how George Lucas came to the thought of Jar Jar Binks, and Rick explained that Jar Jar was his idea. Which got me quite excited, as I always felt like the only living person who liked Jar Jar (even before the rumors came up).
I mean, u know, right?
Forver Alone Jar Jar Binks Version

But so there we were! Actually two people who liked the Jar Jar 😀 And there were more to come and confess their Jar Jar acceptance. I felt way more home at the event after that 😉
A couple of interesting questions later the event found it’s end with big applause for our guest, and people gathered for talking and autographs. I was up to have a word with Rick anyway, and though I’m not really into this fandom-stuff, I couldn’t miss the opportunity here.
The evening got late when we started on the drinks, and I took the opportunity to get to know some more interesting people who had come to meet Rick too. Time flew fast, and we took a few last pictures before Rick left (well, you gotta proof you met him, right?). I gotta notice here that Tobias Kniebe is quite an interesting guy too. Get ready, roleplayers, I sent him in direction of the Charakterboard when I left 😀

I gotta sum it up as a great evening I’m going to remember. Thank you Rick and all the nice people I met today. You made my day night.
Take care.