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Would you be…

15. Februar 2016


Ich weiß, ich weiß, ich bin spät dran. Aber ich hatte noch ein paar Abgaben fristgerecht fertig zu bekommen (Fuck YEAH!) und mal gerade eben die letzte Abgabe vor dem Bachelor einzureichen. Wenn ch das jetzt nicht massiv verkackt habe bin ich damit scheinfrei.

Back to BB8! Got it? Valentine? Ballantine? Es lag so wunderbar nahe, Ballroboter, Kommerzkitschtag und Whiskey zu kombinieren, dass ichs echt nicht abwarten konnte dieses Mach… Meisterwerk fertig zu stellen, nachdem ich nun eh die ganze Nacht am Sounddesign saß.

Und jetzt mehr Liebe für alle! Und Whiskey! So romantisch! 😀

BB8 gehört Disney, das Bild gehört mir 😉


The Morning After

11. März 2012

Over dramatic title for the win!

And besides – it is not morning anymore. But as I just got up now, it still is, in some ways.
Yesterday and the night before went quite strange. The night before comes first. I was a little drunk, and had a good first part of the night – but it came with some side effects in the second part that hit me way too hard.
I did not have much sleep that night, and so I went to bed at 20 pm yesterday, which was quite a good decision. Now I am kind of awake at least.
My dog has been cared for well by Antigone, she went out with her yesterday night and this morning (the real kind of morning) too, so I could sleep all the time. Sleeping is good. Beeing awake only confronts you with trouble, and so I’d rather sleep all day right now. I mean…argh. My former roommate moved out yesterday, and I’m kinda angry for all the stuff rubbish he left behind. Antigone and me started to clean away a lot of it, but that’s not too easy, because it is lots and they took many usefull things away, like the dustpan and brush which I already miss.
We also cleaned away a lot of so called ‚jam‘, most of it at least a year old, and all of them made by my roommates mum. So…not mine. But mine to clean away. Great.
Our beloved Antigone is gonna leave in an hour or two, and Xander is gonna take us to the main station.
So I gonna use doggys precious leash again, just to use it because it is pretty 😀
I missed a party yesterday, I wanted to be very green, but instead I was very tired. So I slept when I should have been there. I’m not all happy about missing it, but well, not so much drama here. There’s enough drama everywhere else.
I really hope to have a good monday, because university starts again. And I’m not gonna miss anything of it.
Wish me luck 😀