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What are you?

27. Mai 2014

No, thank you, I'm awesome!


The Rainbow

26. Mai 2014

There was the rain, refreshing me,
there was the sun, emblazing me.
They both came together, so I looked for the rainbow.

I couldn’t find it.
Until I realized that I was the rainbow.

Arne Paulsen

26. Mai 2014

Arne Paulsen der schmutzige Pirat!


26. Mai 2014

…aba ich liebe Dich! :>

There Is A Time

23. Mai 2014

There is a time of ending
for every single soul,
there is a time of breaking,
for all that has been whole.

There is a time of mourning,
oh what a bitter sound,
there is a time of dying,
for all that is around.

There is a time of knowing
‚that nothing ’s been in vain,
cause all that has been lost,
will in our hearts remain.

For Vitani, and Krümel, and the little girls dog.