Jewels of the week

Hey guys!

As I seem unable to go to sleep today, I just want to tell you about some parts of my week – and about it’s jewels 🙂
A good point to start with it is my pretty long-tongue-collie.

I just recently found this absolutely awesome blog here, which I just had to put into the link collection. I read a ton of articles there only today, and I love this. The author clearly knows what she’s writing about, and I agree to her in many terms. Also, I feel confirmed by her about my future plans of becoming a breeder, which feels quite comfortable. Guess I’ll ask some of my questions to her when the time comes.
For everyone not so close to me – I plan on becoming a dog breeder since I was 14 yeras old, and I actually wanted to breed with my first dog, Lara. But I was way to young for that, and I never attended any shows or stuff – and by now, I know that it was good to not do this with my first dog ever. Adding to this, Lara has some health issues I don’t want to reproduce if I can avoid it. And I can 🙂
Therefore, my breeding plans are for the long terms. By now I’m missing everything a breeder needs, expect a bitch and the will to breed and do good. But I don’t have any money (which you need as a breeder, because you have to pay not only stud fees but all this vet bills and toys for the pups and medicine and food and whatever you need for pups and won’t find in your kitchen), I don’t have a car (which I suspect to be a big advantage – sometimes you just need to see your vet faster than you can by riding the bus), I don’t have enough knowledge of dogs, inheritance, feeding and raising puppys, handling a pregnant bitch and so on and so on and so on, I don’t have a house (and a 60 qm flat could do, but reaching the garden without a hundred of stairs would be nice with a litter), and I don’t live in a romantic or in some way very nice place but in the middle of a big city. So, no breeding for me until all of this changed I guess. Oh, and before I actually got a bitch who’s health is as good as it’s brain of course :>
But enough of this. Read all of these articles, they’ll help you a lot if you’re into dogs or breeding. But be carefull, could happen you couldn’t stop reading…

I borrowed a friends camera, and took some pictures of our pretty dogs, which I wanted to share with you 🙂

Two roommates, Nuka and Lara :> Look how pretty Nuka became!

Heros with his cutest face :]

You should hear this song, actually.
Wer ist Ich – Shaban und Käptn Peng

After all the reading about dogs, I really am looking forward to breeding dogs later on. I already fantasize about my first litter, about the way my bitch would look, where I’d live and what I’d do with the puppies :> One problem I have, is the VDH thing As a seriosu breeder, you have to be a member of the VDH/FCI. But regularly reading Christoph Jungs blog, I don’t feel too good about the whole VDH thing. I actually came to the point that there are so much assholes on the top-ranks, and I’d have to throw out all of them before I can be happy there. So I’ll just go and check out the VDH group for britsh sheepdogs – maybe this guys are more likely to fit my image of good breeders. I’ll let you know.
So have a good day!


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