A little wrong

Today is a little wrong, though many things went right.
I woke up with Laethan at about 7 am and stayed up, except the one hour I slept between 1 and 2 pm.
Right now it is about 7 pm, and I’m going for my ‚morning‘ dog walk. Ahem. Again. I would not be very suprised if my dog would start to feel a little angry towards me nowadays.
I came back to be a little down sometimes, a bad feeling without a real source. I don’t seem to be really awake. Somethings wrong.
I started to do stuff, but actually I did nothing of real interest today, except for the sms I wrote and am going to write. They are the most important task I cared for today.
I did a lot of vampire business, and will have to do a lot more. Things run wrong in the world of darkness too 😉
I’ll see a doctor this week for this sadness which is coming back to me again, and for some other problems I kept having for some time.
Many things feel strange and not very nice, I seem to be a little empty at the moment.
Apart vom Laethan – he makes everything a little more right than it is, even though things are difficult for him too.
I need some more routine – and some more straight days, I guess.


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