Bye Xanathos

I was struggling to write this, because I liked the last entry much better on the top of the page. Well. There will be more.
Today night I was on a party, Xanathos was there too, ‚cause a friend of us was celebrating his birthday. Well, he wasn’t celebrating when I came in, because he was brought to bed by the time…he got drunk quite fast.
But I was talking about Xanathos.
He was there too, we said Hi, and did not really have much contact over the evening.
I noticed that his sitting position looked weird at some point, he seemed to break his neck with it. Shortly after I noticed that, he just fell from the chair. Some people closer to him helped him up and onto the sofa. He stayed there for a short while, then kinda got himself up, trying to reach the toilet in everybodys interest. He could not even walk alone, another friend helped him. The next time I saw him was when I noticed a little crowd in front of the toilet door – and him, inside the bathroom, on the floor.
They had called an ambulance, which seemed to be a good idea. Those men tryed to speak to him or wake him, without the slightest chance. It felt strange to watch them standing over him, and finally bringing him down and into their ambulance car.
People that drunk are nothing but a burlesque of their very own selves, unable to handle the world, not even walking on their own. He just looked so fucking undignified in that situation. I did not know if I should feel sorry and care more, or just let others handle this and keep on doing something else. I did not feel responsible – no more. Maybe I am, in another way. But whatever. It felt strange to see him like that, grounded by himself. It felt distant.
When they took him with them, I just thought „Goodbye Xanathos“.
That’s it.


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