Just today

Today was kinda busy. And, in some points, still is.
I had to go to university quite late, which was veeery good. Xanathos (:-*) woke me up by calling me, and it was good he did.
Before I went, I finished one of two letters for Nicci, and send it to her. I also gave my dog a walk, and then left, with music all over me, and just a little late (Hrm. Not more late than usual).
I have to admit, I hate it how popular my course is. Because it is a small room. And it is a full small room. Pretty annoying, if you ask me. At least I got a seat, lucky me.
While listening and watching some introductions to Nuke, I finished the second (in total count third) letter for Nicci, and also gave it some colour. Luckily the girl who sat next to me had a rubber, because I found out that I didn’t have one. No idea where it has gone, I owned one, once.
Well, now, finally, she will be able to dress up to the standards of her great and gracefull Hostmum. Congratulations please.

I came home at quite excact 5 pm, and fryed me some bananas and cheese. I was huuuungry. And it was good I ate something, because I left at half past five, and was back home at half past nine. Well, that took some time, eh?
We visited the vet, which was about time, because there was lots to do. When I locked my bike to a sign in front of the vet’s house, a woman came up to us and told us about her own dog, which was a smooth collie too. This is quite rare, the race is not very popular. Her dog even came from the same breeder as mine. We talked for a minute and then ‚parted, cause we both has business to do.
We stayed at the vet for some time, and then moved on to our favourite pet-store. We got a collar, a new colourfull toy, a scissor for dog-claws, new doggy-sweets and new dog food. Expensive business, trust me q.q
After spending tons of money for medicine and dog stuff, we visited my roommate-to-be, and also met with her lessor – who was my Karate Sensei some time ago.
I had a walk with him, his wife, their dog and another friend of them both. And we got into a lot of rain (I’m saying a lot a lot too often..). Coming home wet, I fed my dog, and started making brownies. My evenings are strange in the last time – I use to overextend them and stay up much longer than I should. Just like I’m doing it right now.
Time to stop this.
Sleep well.
I will.


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2 Antworten to “Just today”

  1. nicci Says:

    … please, please. Use the word „eraser“ instead of rubber. Because in big wide America „rubber“ means something else… 😉 And it’s really funny, when I think about the „rubber“ meaning and read your post. And I’m still waaaating for my awesome letter. ❤ Can't wait to read it. I already begun to write back, but I'm kinda not finished yet… 😉

    • Laracoa Says:

      Haha, I checked the eraser, and leo said to me: „Use rubber! USE IT!! Or I’ll whip ya!“ – well, so it became rubber, though I know what it means secondary. But I guess rubber suits are not suitable for university..:D
      Happy to hear I’m going to receive a letter *.* I love reading letters!

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