Times change

According to the behaviour of a close friend, I’ll just write this whiny post in (whiny) english.

My new semester just started. I finished at least one more thing from the last one, and did not finish..like..three other topics? Well…
I took my dog back to me, I spend time with my boyfriend (not half as much as I would like to, though) and try to be help full in some other ways to people who are quite important to me. I am the support in this game, and my boyfriend is the support to me. My situation has become much more relaxed than it was, like, a week ago, but I still don’t fell well.
I finally got the Ok to stay in my flat, tomorrow I will meet three people who are interested to share it with me, I have lots of people helping me to get my (kinda huge) rent deposit together, and it is all going to get back into the row. But I still worry about two friends, am pissed because of my best friend who makes me rage so often since he (yes, fucking shit that is) fell in love with me (or without me, kinda), and…argh. It’s just too much right now.
I am thinking and worrying about so much shit. That goddamnit BaföG guys are dancing on my financial and psychological nerves too, as if there were no other problems to care for. I stop myself from doing stuff that should be done because I see the amount of stuff and just want to run away and don’t do anything at all. I don’t sleep so well because I just camn’t really relax, if I want it or not. All that stuff is in my head and wont come out.

And at this point I just feel like none of this is going to become any better at all.
Do you know that bad feeling when it is ten past ten and the clock is the only one around who is smiling? I hate this days and nights. And I had so many of them lately.
I just wish for everyone to be happy. But even if there is no death, war and purgatory, there is drama around all the time. And it kinda hurts.
But well.
I’ll just get back to business.

Because every time my life sucks
I just reply
„Suck harder, I’m a tank“


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