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23. März 2010

…I feel stupid writing in english here. It’s not my fault! I was forced to do it! :0
Okay, here you get a little walkthrough to my time in England, were I was for three month now, working as an Au Pair.
At the first Days I was at my cousins‘, because my hostfamily was still on holiday. This gave me a quit and very relaxed and nice start to get used to England. And also it showed me the most important benefit of Potter’s Bar – the Chili Raj, a very good indian restaurant. I love their Peshwari Nan *_*
In this time I visited the towns pub very often with my cousin Sina. Froggy was with us, of course. Oh! You guys don’t know Froggy yet. May I introduce:

This is Froggy. Happy Froggy, actually 😉
Also I heard…some people like Walkers crisps. Froggy likes them too. And the big difference is: Froggy can has crisps! 😛
Anyway, when I arrived in Englnd, I brought the snow with me. Which was a big mistake, because the english can’t manage snow. It’s really crazy, they close schools for some centimeters of snow! I would have loved germans to close schools for that…
Anyway, at least Froggy can manage snow quite good =)

Also, Froggy can manage Strongbow quite good. Better than me, in fact.

The next day after this photo was taken I finally moved to Royston, to my former hostfamily. They were and still are very nice. Three children, wich are 3, 5 and 7 years old, the father is a houseman and the mother is a teacher. Also the town we live in, Royston, is quite nice.
And I got postcards there, finally. You have to know, I didn’t get any in Potters Bar. And I tried really hard.
The first thing I learned, excepting my increasing english itself, was to make apple crumble. I love this stuff. It’s best when it’s still hot, and you eat it with melting ice cream. Try it, people. Even Froggy was quite happy about my crumble making 8)
My jobs here vary, but it’s mostly about cleaning, cooking, or helping with the children. Wich is quite fun, and at least I enjoy cooking more than I first thought. But it’s just so good, because we have speakers in the kitchen…so I can cook, listening to whatever I prefer that day.

I went to an english course for Au Pairs in Cambridge right from the start, which had many benefits. The most important one, of course, was to meet some other Au Pairs from around. The course finished last week, but I still meet them. Another thing was that I could visit Cambridge regularly, and at least I know it quite good by now.
My first day there was very dramatic – I was in Cambridge one and a half hours to early, and had a map – but forgot the name of the street where my school was. So I waalked down the street…and walked…and walked…at least I sent a text to a friend to ask him to find the adress for my, and, for goodness sake, he saved my live and found it the very next minute for me. So I hurried back back back all the way (I got blisters this day ûu) and finally got to the school on time. That was…exciting.

Valentines Day came, and a nice cake came with it. Even Froggy was on the prowl for it :3

I also found many curios things in England. The only point I missed out in this pictures description on Deviantart are the police sirens – which sound excactly like the sirens of toy-police-cars in Germany do xD

I didn’t say a word about Ladds ‚til now. Time to talk about it 😀 Ladds is the most important shop in Royston – a sweet shop 🙂 And also the source of my postcards, usually.
They good quite a good variety of sweets there – also magic ones :3 You don’t believe that? See the proof!

Look what happend to froggy! He just touched the magic lollipop! :0

I’m getting tired, so one last picture for today:

Froggy and me in the University Botanic Garden in Cambridge, where I took loads of quite good flower photos :]
Did I just say it? It’s spring in England. I can go out without my big coat. Flowers grow, everything is fine. And I will go to bed now.
See you tomorrow,



21. März 2010

Schon wieder so ein sinnloser und wenig intelligenter Titel denkt der geneigte Leser.
Und hat ja so Recht.
Eigentlich wollte ich nur ankündigen dass ich demnächst – hoffentlich bald wieder zu annehmbareren Zeiten – mal wieder hier etwas herumjammern werde.
Zum Beispiel über das Leben anderer Au Pairs, Corned Beef, und all die anderen seltsamen bis widerwärtigen Dinge dieser Welt.
Also…man sieht sich, und so.